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For over a decade, our team members helped bring to life blockbuster movies including Avengers, X-Men, Avatar, The Hobbit, and more.

Immersive now uses those incredible skills, in collaboration with faith leaders, historians, and scholars to bring the Bible to life like never before with in-depth Mobile Apps, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

Our mission is to support Christian families and faith organizations help those in their care be more connected to Christ through wholesome biblically-based experiences, activities, and games at home, in church, and on the go.

The individuals, families, and organizations we serve have diverse backgrounds, needs, traditions, and denominational affiliations within the Body of Christ. As such, we seek to work in harmony, anchored in God’s unifying word, the Bible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some uses for the Immersive Bible app?

This powerful tool has something for everyone and is great for a variety of uses: - Wholesome education and entertainment for individuals, families, and groups. - Kids love interacting with Bible stories through our Coloring Book, Puzzles, and Sticker Book. - Enhance Bible education, Sunday school, or other settings with interactive AR and 3D tour experiences. - Our interactive Group Games are perfect for engaging youth, young adults, families, and other groups. - Give homeschooling a boost by exploring ancient Jerusalem and Bible artifacts. - Share with classes, groups and large audiences by connecting your mobile device to a larger screen or projector. - Get creative! Immersive yourself and others in biblically-based games and activities anytime, anywhere. Be sure to let us know about the different ways you're enjoying the Immersive Bible app!

How can the Immersive Bible app help youth?

Today’s youth have grown up in the digital age. We leverage today’s technology to connect, teach, and speak to the youth in ways they are familiar with and have already embraced in various aspects of their lives. By combining this incredible technology with the positive aspects of gamification we can bring education and learning to life in ways that younger generations instinctively want to engage in and be a part of. Our Immersive Bible app allows youth to explore the world of the Bible in fun, interactive and engaging ways. They'll learn biblical lessons, historical facts, interact with important characters, events, artifacts, and objects while engaging with the scriptures, history, and other information related to those things. These experiences will provide the kind of context, fun, and personal connection to the Bible that will keep them coming back for more!

How do I reset my Immersive Bible app password?

If you've forgotten your Immersive Bible password or need to reset it, please follow the below steps: 1. Open the "Immersive Bible" app on your mobile device. (Install it from the app store of your choice if needed.) 2. On the first screen of the app, find and tap the "Sign In" link at the bottom under the "Create Account" fields. 3. On the next screen enter your account email address in the "Email" field and tap the "Forgot Password?" option at the bottom of the screen. 4. Tap "OK" when asked, "Would you like us to send you a password reset email?" 5. Check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password. Then use that password and your email to login to the Immersive Bible app, and any associated apps, on your devices. (Use your login to get access on up to 5 Devices!)

How many devices can access the Immersive Bible with one account?

Your account gives you access to the Immersive Bible on up to 5 devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Go ahead, share it with family and friends!

Do I need a VR headset for the Immersive Bible app?

The Immersive Bible app does NOT require a VR headset. Mobile VR experiences are just one aspect of what the Immersive Bible app has to offer. The mobile VR experiences can be viewed using only your mobile device but are more immersive by using a standard mobile VR viewer for your phone.
This can be as simple as a Google Cardboard, https://arvr.google.com/cardboard/, or any of the following: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=mobile+phone+vr+viewer&ref=nb_sb_noss

How do I cancel or request a refund?

Cancelations and refunds are handled directly by the app stores. See below for info. Need help or support with the Immersive Bible app? Please contact us through the form below. Cancelations: Follow the link of your device type for cancelation instructions:
- Apple iOS Subscription Cancelation: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039
- Android/Google Play Subscription Cancelation: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en Refunds: Follow the link of your device type for refund info and requests:
- Apple iOS Refund Info: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084
- Android/Google Play Refund Info: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7205930

Share the Immersive Bible via Zoom video conference.

Sharing the Immersive Bible and all it has to offer via Zoom is straightforward and a great way to share this incredible tool. Follow these steps: 1. Install and login to the Immersive Bible app and any associated apps you want to share via Zoom (Immersive Herod's Temple, Immersive Tabernacle, etc). Your Immersive Bible login works for all associated apps. 2. Install the Zoom app and Connect to the Zoom meeting with this same mobile device. 3. Share your mobile device screen using Zoom's screen share functionality. 4. Navigate to the Immersive Bible app or any associated apps you want to share. Some additional tips: - Zoom screen sharing works best with fast reliable Internet. Strong cellular service can work but we recommend connecting your mobile device to a good WiFi connection for the best experience. Depending on your Internet connection and that of the Zoom participants, if can take a moment for what you are doing on your screen to show on their screen. - If you are using a computer for your main presentation on Zoom and using a mobile device to share the Immersive Bible content, be sure to mute one of the devices so as to not create an audio feedback loop by having the devices in the same room together. Please contact us through the form below if we can provide additional assistance.

What does the Immersive Bible app cost?

The Immersive Bible app comes with a free 14-day trial, giving you full access to experience all the app has to offer on up to 5 devices. (You can share it with family and friends!) When starting your trial you can choose one of the following options, should you decide to continue after your trial: - Annual: Only $39.99/year (Our Best Value at 33% Off)
- Monthly: Only $4.99/month You can cancel anytime before the trial ends to not be charged. Start your trial today to enjoy our continually growing library of biblically-based games and activities for all ages:

What Bible version does the Immersive Bible reference?

The Immersive Bible's continually growing library of biblically-based experiences, activities, and games is developed with the guidance of Bible stories and references, and in collaboration with historians, scholars, and archaeologists. When specifically quoting the Bible in text, audio, or video content we use the NIV version of the Bible.

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